About the Dementia Discovery Fund

Cultivating Innovation in Dementia Treatments

Investing in Innovative Drug Development.

The Dementia Discovery Fund is the world’s largest venture fund focused entirely on discovering and developing novel therapies for dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

The DDF has raised a total of £250 million to develop novel disease-modifying therapeutics for all forms of dementia.

We have a mandate to validate novel hypotheses and expand the breadth of targets and mechanisms in development for dementia over the 15 year life of the fund.

This enables the DDF to invest in truly novel, early-stage projects starting from target identification, and explore novel biological insights for translation into disease-modifying drugs.

The Impact of Dementia

As the average age of the population grows, dementia is quickly becoming one of the biggest global challenges we face – the burden is increasing proportionately.

There are no existing therapies that have a meaningful impact on symptoms or the disease.

Prince et al (2015) World Alzheimer Report 2015, The Global Impact of Dementia

DDF at a glance

We will invest in innovative approaches to bring disease-modifying drugs to the clinic

For very early stage programmes, DDF has mechanisms in place to fund up to $1m for hypothesis testing with the aim of company spin-out on achievement of agreed milestones.

For companies closer to the clinic, DDF will invest or co-invest larger amounts in order to progress through candidate selection and early clinical trials.

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