For 20 years, SV’s strategy has been consistent – identify and invest in the most promising healthcare ventures led by remarkable and inspired management teams.

We do more than just invest in innovative companies. We establish a partnership with our portfolio companies. The relationship continues beyond the final exit. Members of the SV team are actively involved in the development and/or growth of each portfolio company. We always serve as active board members. We collaborate with management teams to minimize risk and maximize the value of the business, using cash in the most effective way and participate in exit discussions for the benefit of management and investors.

Here’s how we contribute:

Board of Directors

  • Provide leadership on the company’s board of directors and various sub‐committees
  • Support and guide the management team from entry to exit
  • Recruit additional key hires to senior management and independent board members

Corporate Growth

  • Assist in the procurement of supplemental debt and equity capital
  • Support, shape and review the business plan, budgets and strategic direction
  • Identify corporate, product and technology acquisition targets, and partnerships

Healthcare Expertise

  • Provide access to an international network of leading experts and key opinion leaders with specific domain knowledge
  • Convey understanding of consumer behavior as well as physician and patient needs
  • Impart knowledge of legislative initiatives and regulatory approval processes

Deal Structure, Business Plan and Exit Strategies

  • Assist with pragmatic milestone-based business plans to promote focus and ROI
  • Establish contingency plans (e.g., identify merger opportunities for growth)
  • Identify likely corporate investors/acquirers and build toward a successful exit
  • Grow industry leading companies that are bought, not sold

Our Portfolio

We target compelling teams and differentiated technologies that address major, unmet clinical needs – disrupting cost, relieving the symptomatic burdens of illness, and improving quality of life.